I am very pleased that Tiffiny has learned to bring and show pictures here. I will expect a lot from her in the future. Here is a picture of me in the lavender and a special red freesia.



Tiffiny put me out front today in the lavender. I'm not sure that I like it out here as much although it does smell sweet. I miss the wind chimes. I will talk to Tiffiny about get some for out here in front. She did a lot of work cleaning up the entrance. The front does need a lot of attention. I have some good ideas which I will pass on.

A black cat was eyeing me earlier and not too pleasantly either. He had better not pee on me or the flowers or he will be in big trouble. I am here to report on any damage done and to make recommendations.
Tiffiny did bring him up to me, nose to nose. It made me shiver to have him so close. I must admit that I liked how he smelled.
All living things thrill me and cause my metal to shimmer.



Tiffiny went into the garden today. It needs a lot of work. I am new at this and think that it looks good. It's all green, smells sweet and is full of new color, but Tiffiny was still grumbling a lot. She put out snail bait that the snails like to eat. It's sweet of her to feed the snails

The yellow Chain Tree blossoms are beginning to bud.

Tiffiny planted primroses in a pot for the front by the door.

I think that we should post pictures to share, but Tiffiny says that she hasn't learned how to do that yet and is dancing as fast as she can. I don't see her dancing, but she does seem happy out here when she's just loving the flowers and not frowning at the green where she doesn't want it and when she feeds the other snails. Without pictures I am afraid that my garden of words just looks a little boring.

Wait! A breeze just came by and tickled my self and rang the wind chimes. Can you feel them twinkle? Aren't they lovely.