I look over towards the other side of the garden and I see that silly black cat torturing a new creature which looks like this. It is a very interesting alive thing which has coils like me when it is all curled up, like me. I like it and wish that Rexy would leave it alone. Here comes Tiffiny. Yes, she stopped him and had a talk with him about the creature .She says that it is called a garden snake and is good for the garden except that it eats frogs .Oh my, I will keep a watch out for it and report on any frog eating.
Tiffiny is afraid to prune the roses. She says that since she has let them go for so long that she doesn't know how far is safe to cut back now that it is mid-summer. She did some pruning in
the spring and now would like to do some more, but with the new buds and all, she not quite sure. I can't advise her. I only report. Here are current pictures and I'll report on any future changes.