FAll 2013 garden

I am very pleased that Tiffiny has brought me back to life.

I notice that although I have been sanded I still retain some interesting residue of rust, which I personally find attractive.
I have also been coated with some clear finish which pleases me.
Now, to the garden, which it is my job to report on.
Being in the fall, most of the garden has either died back or gone into hibernation.
Some things are not quite yet asleep and I shall present their current status. 
Here is the last of the chrysanthemums

 I notice that black cat is still here.
I think that Tiffiny calls him Rexy.
He had better not pee on the flowers,
or I shall have to report him.

I remember 'Flo' the Flamingo garden art.
She was never brought to life.
Tiffiny seems to enjoy looking at her.

I see that Tiffiny put in a new garden bed.
Perhaps some flowers will eventually lie
in it next summer.

The purple Agua is spreading nicely
The delicate hellebores or woodland Christmas rose
is accustomed to the cooler fall and winter seasons.
I was told that Tiffiny received quite a few of these plants free
from a place called Ace Hardware in Fortuna.
They had bugs or something which she took care of
right away. She also gave some to friends.
Here are some closer views.

I do have an update for the hellebores.
Pictures haven't been taken yet, but
the garden will be adding 2 beautiful
burgundy colored ones shortly.
Feverfew was added to the garden
while I was gone and has done
very well with the frosty nights.
Yellow perennial alyssum  
White Jupiter's Beard 
Lambs Ears
A few flowers are still hanging on.

Of course Primroses and Cyclamen
like the chilly weather.
A miniature peach rose has one last bloom.
Wait! What is that cat doing now!

He's noticing that the Firecracker climbing
rose has been moved from near the apple tree
to a sunnier spot and is supported by an
up-side-down green powder coated 'tomato'
Even in late Fall and Winter there are
interesting things going on in the garden.
I will be reporting more later.
Oh, the service area is looking rather nice.
And Tiffiny does like credit for that.
I recall that reporting on it when it needed attention
badly was somewhat responsible for my going to sleep.